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Since 1999, the team at Capital Assessment Services has been providing property tax consulting services to the energy industry for properties in Western Canada. To date, Capital Assessment staff have served over 300 clients to properly administer their property taxes, in the process saving them millions of dollars. 

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British Columbia

While each client is unique, our goals for all of our clients are to: 

· Manage the information supply chain between our client’s internal departments, and all regulatory bodies including: Alberta Municipal Affairs, BC Assessment, the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency, Taxing Municipal Offices, and Municipal Assessors.  

· Once an accurate portrait of our client’s assessable inventories has been audited we are dedicated to identifying any tax saving measures, and maintaining the lowest possible property tax liability on an ongoing basis as our clients grow via drill bit or acquisition. 

· Effective execution of our reporting mandate insures regulatory compliance for all of our clients in various taxing jurisdictions and ensures penalties are avoided and appeal rights are protected. Capital Assessment’s consulting services are both flexible and scalable to provide the best value for our clients. Our experience has allowed us to build a streamlined process for serving our clients property tax needs. 

If you have concerns with your property tax assessments, or questions regarding your particular situation, please contact us.