British Columbia Property Tax


Managing and Minimizing B.C. Property Tax

Property taxes in British Columbia are issued annually based on valuations determined by BC Assessment. Each Oil & Gas facility and pipeline are valued as of July 1st annually, with the condition of the property as of October 31st annually.  Reporting of updated specifications on new construction completed by this date, the shut down of assets no longer producing, or movement of assets between locations, must be submitted to BC Assessment in order to have the following year's taxes reflect these changes accurately. 

Capital Assessment is proud to assist multiple clients in BC, and if you have questions regarding your property assessment / taxes or general inquiries please feel free to contact us here.  

Select Reference Clients in B.C.

Crew is a dynamic, growth-oriented exploration and production company, focused on increasing our long-term production, reserves and cash flow through the development of our world-class Montney resource.  

Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. is a growth-oriented Canadian public natural gas producer, operating in the Montney formation in Northeast British Columbia.